David Bowie X Moondog

Gestern ist ja bekanntermaßen David Bowie gestorben. Zufällig bin ich auf ein Interview von 2003 mit ihm zu meinem lieblings Recklinghäuser Charakter gestoßen – es geht dabei aber natürlich noch über NYC und nicht die Breite Str. in RE (wo er danach die Jahre genauso stand):

„I first came here in 1971. The earliest graphic image I have is of Louis Hardin, better known as Moondog, the legendary boho and musical outsider. One of the guys who worked at Mercury Records, with whom I was under contract at the time, took me over to 54th Street, and there, dressed as a sort of Viking, Moondog stood. Usually he would be playing his strange compositions accompanied on a keyboard or some kind of homemade drums, but not this day. I went for sandwiches and coffee, which we consumed as we sat on the sidewalk. He told me something about his life, and it came home to me only after a while that he was completely blind.“ >> www.moondogscorner.de

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